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November 5, 2012
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Supah radical insect doggy alien by VCR-WOLFE Supah radical insect doggy alien by VCR-WOLFE

Edited to include Caz's weird life mate friend guy, Xihuitl. The two of them are drawn to scale, Cazupotl being an example of a very short-stature Tezcatli whereas Xihuitl is an example of a tall-stature Tezcatli. Caz is around five or so feet tall, minus the ears and Xi is around nine or ten feet tall.

Also hey hi! If you guys could actually make comments that aren't empty one worders or simple praise for once I would highly appreciate it this time around. Discuss with me. Ask questions. Critique me, even. I really need this because discussing and talking about these guys in comments with you can really help me develop the species even more. Maybe with a little discussion or critique, I could catch some mistake I can fix or blank space of knowledge I can fill in. Also be sure to look at comments made before yours to see if I've already answered a question you may have!


So anyways if you haven't been around with me that long, you'll definitely be wondering what I'm talking about. Uhh so I got these rad alien bros that I baby and love, but I could never quite get them to look right, much less work on their physiology.

SO THIS GUY HERE. This is Caz. Yeah, this Caz here with the Harvey Twoface thing going on:
Now if you REALLY haven't been following my work for a long time then yes you're probably extremely confused. So is Caz an alien with a human form? Can he transform? Hahahah, NO. Caz, Xihuitl, and Izel are all actually the same species of alien, but the reason I draw them as humans is for certain purposes of conveying emotions and ideas that cannot be portrayed on a human level and time scale when they are aliens, since their species can live for centuries, a thousand years even. Their concept of time is very different than our own and they are generally about a billion times more patient than any human being. Drawing Caz and the gang as people just provides a helpful exercise into expressiveness and drawing humans in general since I've only really gotten good at drawing people recently.

Here you can kinda see an evolution of Caz's design, and sorta the species design too, in general:

But yes, what these guys really are are alien bros that I call Tezcatli. They were originally based on Meso-American art styles but I had always seen them as being more segmented in their body forms, I could never portray that though since I was not as experienced. Tezcatli come in a lot of different sizes and shapes, and while they follow a general body plan they can superficially look like other animals. Caz here looks very canine-like. His friend Xihuitl is more bird-like, and Izel is bat-like.

Body-wise, they're segmented and have exoskeletons made of a material that can be roughly equated to the chitin in Earth insects. In between the segments are fibery tissues that act as muscles to move the segments around. Tezcatli muscle movements are based on a hydraulics system using their body fluids. They do not have blood or other fluids, but they are filled with an semi-organic silicate gel substance that acts as an all-purpose filler. The gel acts as blood, transport of electrical impulses, transport of nutrients, enzymes to digest nutrients, a nutrition source to keep eggs alive, among other various uses. The gel is pumped through the body by a heart-like organ called the core and the gel is cleaned by kidney-like organs located in the lower sides of the body. Their gel is also bioluminescent due to phosphorescent salts they consume as well as the electrical currents that run through their bodies. Areas on the chitinous skin that show glowing markings, like on Caz's chest and limbs, are actually areas where the chitin is thin and transparent enough to show through to the innards of the animal and show the flowing of its gel. In order to aerate the gel to allow better flow, there is a lung-like organ set along the sides that have breathing ways from the mouth, nose, as well as auxiliary spiracles on the sides under the superficial ribcage. Tezcatli do not fair well with water consumption. While they can survive being in the rain as well as wading through shallow water, they can drown very easily because too much water entering their bodies has negative chemical reactions with their gel that prove fatal.

Tezcatli eyes have no eyelids and have very fine lenses. They can focus on very fine details, analyze and process visual information very quickly. They are highly light sensitive and can pick up various wavelengths of light besides the humanly visible spectrum. Their default vision is more shifted to detect light, shadow, and blue color hues so they are heavily attracted to such things. Along with sight, Tezcatli have excellent hearing and smell, they can pick up slight changes in the weather due to scent and pressure, as well as gauge pheromone levels in animals around them.

Tezcatli rely on a diet entirely made of halite, rock salts. Their home world is very rich in various forms of halite, giving them the varied diet of salts that they need. They have sensory organs in the roofs of their mouths similar to the Jacobson's organ in snakes that allows them to smell for salts to eat. Wastes produced from the salt diet are sweated evaporated from joints in the segments of their bodies, they do not produce any solid wastes.

There are two biological sexes in the species, male and female. The reproductive organs of Tezcatli all connect to the mouth in some form. In females, there are ovary- and uterus-like organs in the area right below the stomach. The ovary produces embryonic bundles, that when in heat, are transferred to the uterus to develop into a more recognizable fetus. In males, the testicles lie at the base of the neck and connect to muscle tubing on it, as seen in this drawing of Caz. Females also have these muscle tubings, but they are less pronounced since they lack the vasa deferentia leading to the mouth and are purely muscle fibers. Mating is done mouth-to-mouth, oddly enough but fUCK YOU THESE GUYS ARE ALIENS THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT. Anyways, in order to fertilize the pre-birth fetus, the female must cough up the bundle to her mouth so that the male may cough up sperm-filled gel to coat and fertilize the fetus. Yes this is very unglorious sex, but to Tezcatli, reproduction like ours is quite bizarre. After fertilization, the female will fully eject the fetus from her body and keep it in a small nest for incubation. During the first few months of its life, the fetus grows extraordinarily fast, both physically as well as intellectually. Tezcatli are monogamous animals, and do not have human concepts of sexuality so it is not uncommon for there to be same-sex life partners, though they are non-reproductive in nature. They also have strong bonds of family, so a couple will rear their young with much love and attention. Tezcatli only have one child at a time.

Other than their internal reproductive organs, there is no sexual dimorphism between males and females and they are very hard to tell apart unless you have ample experience interacting with the species.

Intellect-wise, Tezcatli are extremely intelligent with high levels of advancement. Their brains and spinal cords are filled with nerve bundles and their bulbous tails house auxiliary nerve bundles that act almost as a second brain to store vast amounts of knowledge. In the base of their throats lies a vocal organ directly connected to the brain that can be surgically etched to recognize several languages outside of their own, making them excellent translators. Tezcatli are also curious in that for their people, knowledge and learning comes first. In seeking partners, Tezcatli first search for compatibility in intellect and personality and sexual attraction develops secondary, which can be likened to human demisexuality.

Tezcatli as a species are highly social animals that crave companionship. As such, their mental faculties are delicate. They can suffer extreme separation anxiety and can actually perish from lack of social contact due to their mental states degrading from lack of stimulation. Socially they fare best with their own species. Since they have a quantifiable electrical charge from their brain, spinal cord and other organs, almost like an aura, they somewhat feed on one another's emotions. If Tezcatli are in close enough physical proximity they will hum quietly. If not stifled this humming can be perceived as a sound of general pleasure from having companions, be them social friends or sexual partners.

Infrastructure-wise, Tezcatli are advanced in form and use. They build extremely low-impact cities and towns to live in that leave very little trace on their home planet, and as such most of their home world is still natural and there is very little pollution. Due to their heavily religious nature they are very faithful to a pantheon of nature gods and follow a very peaceful path of respect for life around them. It can be attributed to their religion that their home is very pure and well taken care of, for fear of retribution of the gods that quietly guard their lives. Despite this, the Tezcatli are still very invested in the sciences and believe very strongly in a free will instilled upon them and look more to their gods as guidance in taking care of one another with love and respect. These guys are very much like space hippies.

In regards to other races, besides a race they share their home planet with called the Tecatl, Tezcatli are extremely shy and almost xenophobic. They do not actively discriminate against alien races though, their xenophobia is based more on a high level of self-preservation and fear of injury making them very cautious and shy animals outside of their own social structure. They are known to be a secretive race with few relations outside of their empire.

It is because of this secretive nature that almost no one outside of their world has noticed the specie's decline and near disappearance due to alien disaster striking their home.

There are still Tezcatli left, but they struggle to rebuild in silence away from prying eyes of onlookers.

You can glean EVEN MORE information on these guys by exploring this gallery folder and its sub-folders: [link]

Oh also these guys kinda ARE NOT OPEN SPECIES. I simply do not have enough information about them figured out yet, and they're kind of super personal to me so I would appreciate it if you would refrain from making your own, even if you're tempted to. Please and thank you!
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Spacefaring Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2014
These guys are awesome ^^ they look so mystical. Could you create more creature from their world :)?
VCR-WOLFE Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student Filmographer
i used to share more of my worldbuilding work tho nowadays i keep it mostly private sorry
Spacefaring Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Aww... But I respect your choice :) I will be looking forward to it when you post it :D
muffinpoodle Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely gonna come back and look at this again later! I'm too tired to do anything but skim read it now...but it all looks very cool!! I love the segmented bodies and the abdomen-y tails...very cleverly done. Also can I say MOUTH-TO-MOUTH MATING YES....scorpions do that did you know that? I always thought that was kind of super cute because...scorpions....mate by kissing IT'S CUTE AND CREEPY AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE INSECT MOUTH GENITALS

Anyway so yes I love that detail. And. I will come back to this later.
VCR-WOLFE Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student Filmographer
AHHH gosh I actually didn't know that about scorpions? That's so neat ahhh and that totes fits along with my more arthropod-influenced designs for these guys ahh. My favorite part about scorpions was always that mommies carry their tiny babies on their backs ahhh I've seen it too since they live in my area. It's just too cute ahhgrdjgth.

Thank you ahh.
muffinpoodle Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that is pretty adorable in concept! I can't really handle seeing it that well though because in practice I am not generally an invertebrate fan xD They are fascinating, a horrifying way ahaha.
CigfrainSol Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Writer
I really like how almost cyborg-like they look, with the connecting joints exposed. It makes them look a lot less heavy and more mobile! I'm not sure how I feel about the pinecone tails, they look awkward and heavy to drag around behind you all day. The second-brain thing is very interesting, though, since they're such a highly advanced race. The tail just seems like an awkward place to put it... hmm. I like the salt-diet idea, and the updated method of reproduction! Very cool.
VCR-WOLFE Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Filmographer
Yess I do enjoy those joints and nOW THEY CAN ACTUALLY MOVE YAY.

The tails only really look heavy but they're pretty lightly honeycombed and still weighted enough to counterbalance the heavier top bits. But then again I'm still sketching them out and stances and bleh.

Salt is great.

Mouth babies are better.
breakability Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
they look so kewl XDD
Samateus-1987 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
This species is one I've followed for a year or so, since I found your artwork, and have always enjoyed seeing how they have evolved.

I can't critique much here, as my own abilities far lack in comparison, however, I adore the turn you've taken, making them more streamlined, and the tails seem to work as better counterweight for their upper bodies. The plating appears to be quite believable and akin to those of (Earth) Crustaceans.
(Careful with the blue/teal though, you're likely to get a bunch of 'oh this reminds me of the Atlantis movie!' if you haven't already.)
I can't wait to see more of these, perhaps expect fanart in the near future. ;)
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